Exhibitor FAQ

National Ergo
November 8-10, 2022
Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

2022 Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions


Update Company Description in the a2z Exhibitor Portal
August 19
The Institutes
Early Bird Deadline for Lead Retrieval Services
August 25
Housing Reservations Discount Cut-Off Date
October 7
Paris Hotel Las Vegas
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form
October 10
Shepard & The Institutes
Certificate of Insurance Form
October 10
Shepard & The Institutes
Advance Warehouse Freight Opens
October 10
Shepard Online Discount
October 10
Encore Discount Deadline (electrical, internet, AV, rigging)
October 18
Mandalay Bay
Registration for Exhibitor Booth Staff
October 21
The Institutes
Catering Discount Deadline
October 27
Paris Hotel Las Vegas
Advance Warehouse Freight Deadline
November 1

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor registration will open mid-September.  The main contact listed for each exhibiting company will receive an email on how to register their booth staff.  A second email/link will be sent to participating companies to register your Exhibitor Premium Pass(es) – if applicable.

Exhibitor Marketing Opportunities:

What pre-show marketing opportunities are available through show management?
Sponsorships are still available. Please contact Nancy Calabrese at [email protected]
Where do I update my exhibitor listing for print/mobile?
Ensure that attendees have the most complete information about your exhibit. It’s important to complete your exhibitor listing in the a2z exhibitor portal. More information will be sent along with information on how to register your staff for the event.

You can access the Exhibitor Portal from our https://ergoexpo.com/. It’s also located in the drop-down menu of the Exhibitor tab at the top of any of the pages. If you forget your password, you can easily retrieve it by clicking on the “forgot password” button and the system will automatically send it directly to you the main POC for the company.

After logging in, you can click on Booth Info and from there you can edit your booth description to make sure attendees have up-to-date information about your company.

Lead Retrieval:

Maximize your exhibiting ROI with lead retrieval! Lead retrieval allows you to collect attendee contact information in real-time on your phone, tablet or computer. To learn more or to order, please review the Lead Retrieval Services form located in the Exhibitor Kit.

The labels help you to match and meet with other relevant attendees.

Shipping and Material Handling:

How do I ship to the advance warehouse?
Shepard will accept freight beginning October 10, 2022. The warehouse receiving hours are 8am – 4pm Monday – Friday, with the exception of holidays. The warehouse will receive shipments Monday through Friday, except holidays. Refer to Shepard Show Information pages for warehouse hours. No appointment is necessary.

To check on your freight arrival, reach out to the Shepard Customer Service team at [email protected].

To ensure timely arrival of your materials at show site, freight should arrive by the deadline date listed in the exhibitor kit. Your freight can still be received after the deadline date, but additional charges will be incurred. Note that to guarantee show site delivery before general exhibitor move-in, freight must be received by

The warehouse will accept crates, cartons, skids, trunks/cases, and carpets on skids. Loose or pad-wrapped material must be sent directly to show site. All shipments must have a bill of lading or delivery slip indicating the number of pieces, type of merchandise and weight. Certified weight tickets must accompany all shipments. Warehouse freight will be delivered to the booth prior to exhibitor setup. Please reach out to the Shepard Customer Service team at [email protected] if you want to ship oversized material that requires special equipment to the warehouse.
How should I label my freight?
The label should contain your exhibiting company name, booth number, C/O Shepard, and the name of the event. Specific shipping address labels for either the warehouse or show site can be found on the Warehouse & Show Site Shipping Labels doc in the exhibitor service manual.

FOR ADVANCE SHIPMENTS TO THE WAREHOUSE: (Must arrive between October 10th and November 4th without penalty)
Exhibiting Company Name/Booth # _____
National Ergonomics Conference
C/O Shepard Exposition Services
5845 Wynn Road, Suites A,B,C,D
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Warehouse hours: Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM

FOR DIRECT SHIPMENTS TO THE CONVENTION CENTER: (First day freight can arrive at show facility is November 7th)
C/O Shepard Exposition Services
Exhibiting Company Name/Booth # _____
National Ergonomics Conference
Paris Hotel Las Vegas
3655 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
What about prepaid charges?
Shepard Logistics is the official carrier of National Ergo and Shepard Exposition Services. If you chose not to use Shepard Logistics for your inbound or outbound shipments, all shipments should be pre-paid with the carrier of your choice. Outbound shipments with other carriers should be designated via the Outbound Material Handling Authorization form that will be sent to you from Shepard. This form should be filled out in advance of the show and can be amended onsite, if needed.
When will my items that were shipped in advance to the warehouse arrive in my booth?
Those items that you shipped in advance to the warehouse should be in your booth by the time you arrive on the first day of move-in.
What if my shipments are not in my booth?
If all of your items are not in your booth by the first move-in day, you may contact Shepard at the Exhibitor Services Center or speak with any Shepard material handling supervisor. Please have your tracking information handy, including the location the item(s) was shipped to. Shepard will determine if the shipment has been received. If the shipment has not been received, Shepard representatives will help you track it. Or, if you prefer, you can track the shipment yourself.
What happens to my empty containers during the show?
Empty stickers (to be placed on each empty container) should be picked up at the Exhibitor Service Center or from Shepard associates on the show floor. Each container should have an empty sticker with your company name and booth number. These containers are picked up throughout the move-in days and are stored offsite during the show. Please make sure that your containers are completely empty as they will not be accessible during the show.

At the close of the show, the empty containers will be returned to the booth in random order. Depending on the size of the show, this process may take several hours.
Is there a fee to have my empty containers stored?
There is no fee if you use Shepard for your material handling. If you have hand carried items and need to have boxes or containers stored there will be a fee. See material handling information in MATERIAL HANDLING section of this exhibitor manual.
How do I protect my materials after they are delivered to the show or before they are picked up after the show?
Consistent with trade show industry practices, there may be a lapse of time between the delivery of your shipment(s) to your booth and your arrival. The same is true for the outbound phase of the show – the time between your departure and the actual pick-up of your materials. During these times, your materials will be left unattended. We recommend that you arrange for a representative to stay with your materials or that you hire security services to safeguard your materials.

Booth Set-Up:

Can I set-up my own booth?
Exhibitors may set up their own exhibit display if one person can accomplish without the use of hand tools. Exhibitors are not permitted to use tools of any type (screwdrivers, hammers, electric drills, power saws, etc.) on booths of any size. When union labor is required, you may provide your company personnel to work along with a union installer on a one-to-one basis. All company working personnel must have proof of employment with the said exhibiting company.
What do I do when I arrive at show site?
When you arrive at show site, you should go to your booth space and check that everything is there. Check each item against your shipping information. Also, make sure that if you ordered electrical that it has been installed. And, if you ordered carpet from Shepard, make sure it has been installed as well. If anything is missing, please contact Shepard at the Exhibitor Services Center or speak with any Shepard associate on the show floor.
What should I bring with me to show site?
You may wish to bring a copy of your order confirmations if you ordered online or copies of your paperwork if you sent your orders in by mail or fax. Also, bring copies of what you have shipped, how it was shipped, and any tracking numbers provided by your carrier. You will also want to bring the information for outbound shipping after the event including your carrier and address to be shipped.
Is carpet mandatory for my booth?
The exhibit hall is carpeted.
Where do I pick up my show badge on-site?
Exhibitor badges may be obtained at the registration area located as you enter the Paris foyer.
What is the POV policy?
Exhibitors driving POVs may hand-carry their own materials into the exhibit facility; however, the use or rental of dollies, flat trucks and other mechanical equipment is not permitted. The following information applies to exhibitors who wish to hand carry their own materials in their own vehicle, i.e. car, pickup truck, minivan or sport utility vehicle.

Please Note: A POV, or privately Owned Vehicle, is any vehicle that is primarily designed to transport passengers, not cargo or freight. Examples include pick-ups, passenger vans, taxis, limos, etc. Anything larger is considered a Company Vehicle. Exhibitors are not allowed to unload Company Vehicles themselves.

A Company Vehicle is a vehicle designed to transport freight. Examples include towing trailers of any size, box trucks, U-Haul, semi-trucks, etc. A Company Vehicle is anything larger than a passenger van or designed for freight transportation. There is a Material Handling charge for the unloading of these vehicles.
Please refer to the Material Handling section for rates.
I ordered a skirted table and chair, but they are not in my booth, what should I do?
Go to the Shepard Service Desk at the Exhibitor Service Center and they will look up in their system what you have ordered and if they have been delivered yet. If by chance you did not order any furniture and would like to you can still order onsite with the customer service representative.
If I ordered labor, what do I need to do?
If you ordered labor, you must check in at the labor desk located at the Shepard Service Desk at the Exhibitor Service Center at the time you requested it to sign out the labor team that will be assigned to work in your booth space.
When will my carpet and furnishings arrive in my booth?
If you ordered carpet through Shepard, it should be in your booth on the first day of move-in. If you ordered electrical services, please be sure to notate on the Shepard carpet order form that you have ordered electrical. It is recommended that you provide your electrical floorplan to Shepard as well so the Shepard team can double-check that the electrical has been laid in the correct location as well as cut through the carpet and padding. This will ensure that electrical is installed prior to carpet installation.
Do I need to check-in at the onsite Exhibitor Service Center?
There is no need to check in with the Exhibitor Service Center. However, feel free to stop by if there is something they can assist you with.
What questions can they answer for me at the onsite Exhibitor Service Center?
They can help you with a variety of questions about orders, shipments, services, labor, invoice balance, empty stickers, material handling, loading, etc.
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) and Certificate of Insurance (COI)
An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is a company other than the “general or official” service provider on the show that requires access to your booth during installation
and dismantling. The EAC may only provide services in the facility that are not designated by the facility as “exclusive” to a designated provider, or by the event organizer in a
contract as an exclusive service for the “general or official: service provided or other third party.

No EAC will be allowed to work in an exhibitor’s booth if this EAC form, a valid form of insurance, a third party Method of Payment form and an exhibitor Method of Payment
is not completed by an authorized representative and received by Shepard by the due date indicated above. The Form must be completed for every third party (as well as any
other ordering third party ordering or requesting services from Shepard on behalf of exhibitor) at the above event. Multiple booths are not to be listed on one form. If form is not
submitted by deadline date, the EAC will not be allowed to perform work in the hall except to supervise the official contractor provided labor.

The EAC form (located in the exhibitor kit) is to be completed by the exhibitor and returned to Shepard via email to [email protected] by October 10th. The EAC hired by the exhibitor must, by the deadline date, provide Shepard with a current Certificate of Insurance with minimum limits of $500,000 property damage per occurrence, $1,000,000 personal injury per occurrence, workers compensation aggregate coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence, and naming Shepard Exposition Services as the certificate holder for the time period of the event, including move-in and move out days. Listing Shepard Exposition Services as an additionally insured only will not be accepted, and may prevent EAC from working on the premises. If EAC does not have minimum coverage and proper documentation, they will be subject to employing Shepard Exposition Services for labor services.

Shepard Exposition Services
1531 Carroll Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
phone: 404-720-8600

Material Handling:

What is Shipping?
Shipping is the process of a carrier picking up items from your office or any place of origin and transporting it to the dock of either the advance warehouse or event facility. Shipping is separate from Material Handling. Exhibitors may use any carrier they want, including Shepard Logistics.
What is material handling?

Material Handling is the unloading and delivery of exhibit freight to the exhibitor’s booth on the show floor, the storage of empty containers, the return to booth for packing, and the loading back onto the exhibitor’s outbound carrier. This is an automatic, all-inclusive service and is billed based on weight. This service, whether used completely or in are part, are billed as a package.

Material Handling Process:

  • Unloading freight from your carrier once it arrives at the receiving dock.
  • Transporting freight from dock to your booth space.
  • Removing empty shipping containers (boxes, crates and pallets) from your booth.
  • Temporarily storing your empty shipping containers during the show.
  • Returning empty shipping containers to your booth at the close of event.
  • Transferring your freight back to the loading dock.
  • Loading your freight into your carrier’s delivery vehicle for return shipping.
One easy way to keep charges low?
Consolidate. Whether you ship to the advance warehouse or directly to show site, it is in your best interest to consolidate your shipment as much as possible. Each shipment that arrives separately is assessed the minimum charge. So, keep your charges low by skidding items so that they are sure to arrive together.
How do I estimate my Material Handling charges?

The following services whether used completely or in part are offered as a package. When estimating weight, round up to the next 100 lbs. For example: 285 lbs. = 300 lbs./100 lbs. = 3 X RATE = $ Amount or minimum charge, whichever is greater.

Standard Material Handling Rates All rates are per 100 pounds with a 200-pound minimum charge. Certified weight tickets are required on all shipments. If a certified weight ticket is not included in your shipment a reweigh ticket will be assessed resulting in additional nominal charges per item to be weighed.

Blended Rates The rates stated are blended to include overtime based on the schedule at publication. Changes in schedule or if your carrier delivers your freight outside of published hours may result in additional fees. Please see Material Handling page for a complete listing of all possible charges.

There are three categories of freight:

  • Crated: material that is skidded or is in any type of shipping container that can be unloaded by a forklift or pallet jack at the dock with no additional handling required.

  • Special Handling: material delivered by the carrier in such a manner that it requires additional handling, such as ground unloading, stacked and constricted space unloading, designated piece unloading, loads mixed with pad-wrapped material, loads failing to maintain shipping integrity, carpet and/or pad-only shipments that are not skidded, and shipments that require additional time, specialty equipment, or labor to unload. Federal Express and UPS are included in this category due to their delivery procedures.

  • Uncrated: material that is shipped loose or pad-wrapped, and/or un-skidded machinery without proper lifting bars or hooks.

Overtime and late delivery charges: Add overtime charges for inbound if material is delivered to the booth during the overtime period stated on Shepard Show Information page. This includes both warehouse and show-site shipments. Add overtime charges for outbound (the location the freight will go to after the show) if material is loaded onto the outbound carrier during the overtime period stated on Shepard Show Information page.

Add the late delivery charge listed on the order form if the shipment is accepted at the warehouse or at show site after the deadline date listed on Shepard Show Information page.

The above services, whether used completely or in part, are offered as a round-trip service and the charges will be based on the total inbound weight of the shipment.

Shipments received without receipts or freight bills, such as UPS and Federal Express, will be delivered to the booth without guarantee of piece count or condition.

Where do I get a forklift?
Forklift orders to install or dismantle your booth after materials are delivered may be ordered in advance or at show site. It is recommended that you order in advance to avoid additional charges at show site. Advance and show-site orders for equipment and labor will be dispatched once a company representative signs the labor order at the Exhibitor Service Center. Start time is guaranteed only when equipment is requested for the start of the working day. Note: forklift orders and pricing include the cost of the laborer and use of equipment.
Do I need insurance?
Be sure your materials are insured from the time they leave your firm until they are returned after the show. It is required that all exhibitors arrange all-risk coverage.


How do I get my empty containers back? When will they arrive?
Your empty containers will be returned at the close of the show, after the aisle carpet has been picked up. Keep in mind it can take several hours to return all empty containers, depending on the size of the show. Please make sure to arrange your travel accordingly.
How do I arrange outbound shipping?
Shepard Logistics Services (SLS) can handle all of your transportation needs, including outbound shipping. Simply complete the form in the exhibitor kit and a representative will contact you.

If you have a preferred carrier that is different from Shepard Logistics Services, you may arrange in advance for them to pick up your shipment. Please refer to Shipping Addresses in the SHIPPING/MATERIAL HANDLING section for the time that your shipment will need to be cleared from your space by the outbound carrier. In the event your selected carrier fails to show on final move-out day, your shipment will either be rerouted to the Shepard carrier of choice or delivered back to the warehouse at the exhibitor's expense. For your convenience, show-recommended carriers will be on site to handle outbound transportation.

To save time, complete and submit the Outbound Material Handling Authorization Form from your exhibitor service manual or Shepard online in advance. Regardless of which carrier you use, if you submit this form to Shepard in advance, they will print your shipping labels and bring them to your booth before the show closes. You may also visit the Shepard Service Desk at the Exhibitor Service Center during the show for your shipping documents.

Each shipment must have a completed Material Handling Agreement in order to ship materials from the show. All pieces (crates, skids, cases, individual boxes, etc.) must be labeled individually.

After materials are packed, labeled and ready to be shipped, the completed Material Handling Agreement must be turned in at the Shepard Service Desk at the Exhibitor Service Center.
When will I be invoiced?
Every effort is made to invoice on the day the show opens. An invoice will either be emailed to you or delivered to your booth before the close of the show. All outstanding balances are required to be paid before departure and is required for Shepard to release your items to your carrier during load-out.
When do I need to be sure to vacate my booth space?
Please refer to Shepard Show Information page for the date and time the show needs to be cleared. Also refer to Shepard Quick Facts for the time that your shipments need to be cleared by your outbound carrier.
When will my labor arrive, and how do I make sure it has been ordered?
Check in at the labor desk in order to pick up your laborers.
Will there be security to watch my booth items during move-out?
Perimeter security is provided at access points only. If you have something valuable in your shipment, it is advised that you wait for your carrier to arrive or hire a security guard. Also, do not label boxes with the contents (i.e., plasma screen, computer equipment) if they contain valuable materials.
Do I need to stay to supervise the movement of my items out of my booth space?
It is important to make sure your outbound paperwork is completed and turned into the Shepard Service Desk at the Exhibitor Service Center before you leave. Do not leave your paperwork on your booth materials! If you have something valuable in your shipment, it is advised that you wait for your carrier to load out before leaving or hire a security guard. Also, do not label boxes with the contents if they contain valuable materials.