New and Easy to Use Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools for the Back, Distal Upper Extremity, and Shoulder -AND- Applying for BCPE Certification

Recent evidence has demonstrated that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) may be the result of a fatigue failure process, where repetitions at higher forces are much more damaging to tissues than repetitions at lower stresses. Fortunately, fatigue failure theory provides methods that are very useful in terms of estimating this risk of MSDs, and can even easily combine the risks associated with multiple tasks into an overall risk score. Three new risk assessment tools have been developed on this basis: 1) LiFFT (for manual lifting/lowering tasks, 2) DUET (for hand/wrist) intensive tasks, and 3) The Shoulder Tool (for shoulder intensive tasks). Each of these tools have shown strong dose-response relationships to injuries of the joints in question. In this presentation we will demonstrate the use of these easy-to-use tools and will discuss the interpretation of tool results.

Have you ever considered becoming a professionally certified ergonomist? Have you wondered how your education and experience qualify or what educational courses you might need to complete before submitting an application? Do you want to showcase your practical skills work that might include proprietary information? If so, this presentation is for you!


Sean Gallagher
Associate Professor
Auburn University

Rachel Michael
Director of Consulting Services
Exponent EHF

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.


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