An Evidence Based Injury Prevention Solution to Combating WMSD’s in the Workplace. Posture, Pain and Performance -AND- Every Movement Matters: How Changing Posture and Movement Habits can Reduce Injuries

The signs of an injury are there long before the symptoms begin. Growing evidence is correlating the increased risk of injury to poor postures and limited movement patterns. While most safety and ergonomic interventions focus on limiting the exposures of excessive movements and awkward postures, it is critical to acknowledge and improve the necessity of proper human movement and functional capabilities of your employees. In this workshop we will explore the complexities of human movement and how you and your employees most likely have underlying movement limitations that strongly contribute to the increased risk of pain, injury, and extended recovery periods. We will explore some of the case studies and research that support these claims. You will participate in the simple six step ACM Movement Pattern Assessment and the proven corrective exercise approach that is the foundation to combating the increased risk of WMSDs in the workplace.

Presented by:
Michael Gee
Author and Founder of Pro Fit Ergonomic Solutions and ACM 360 PRO

Every Movement Matters: How Changing Posture and Movement Habits can Reduce Injuries

Poor posture and improper movement are becoming more common in the workplace. The result leads to musculoskeletal conditions that can be prevented. De-valuing posture, the introduction of mobile devices, and the lack of training on proper biomechanics have all contributed to this epidemic. Every movement matters. We can change posture and movement habits to reduce injuries. Alicia Crelinsten is a certified athletic therapist, athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning specialist. She has worked with team Canada at the Olympics, Cirque du Soleil as a therapist on the Performance Medicine team, and countless industrial athletes and office workers. She founded ReAlign Consulting to help provide injury prevention solutions. Her work with clients bridges the gap between high performance sport and a high performance life.

Presented by:
Alicia Crelinsten
Founder of Realign Consulting

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.


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