Utilizing Wearable Technology: Athletic Trainers & Worker Engagement - AND - Utilizing Wearable Technology: Distribution Center Risk Mitigation

This presentation will discuss ways employers can use wearable technology to identify leading injury risk indicators and develop effective interventions, including the deployment of athletic trainers to engage at-risk employees in the prevention and management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Utilizing Wearable Technology: Distribution Center Risk Mitigation

A large beverage distribution company was consistently seeing their injury totals rise within their manual material handling positions. They knew that they needed to make a change and were seeking an innovative and comprehensive program that would help to identify where their injury risks were coming from and provide a pathway forward to mitigate those issues in the future. After researching different options, they settled on a wearable sensor that monitored back postures and provided some haptic feedback to improve employee awareness. Through the use of this sensor, they developed a data driven injury prevention service utilizing sensors to improve employee awareness, identify risks, and improved the effectiveness and efficiency of their job coaching and training in the process.


Bryan Reich
Director, Industrial Athlete Programs
WorkCare, Inc.

Nick Magana
Ergonomics Program Manager
SoCal Edison

Kelson Wann, MS ATC, FMS
Solutions Advisor - Innovation & Consulting
Briotix Health’s Ergonomics

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.


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