Telephonic Nurse Triage and Early Intervention: Strategies to Help the Safety Manager Control Recordable MSD’s -AND- On-Site Early Intervention Programs 2.0 - Transforming a Reactive Culture to one of Proactive Education at Tennant Company

Not all work-related musculoskeletal discomfort or injuries need to convert to OSHA recordable claims. Timely assessment with guidance, reassurance, and OSHA-accepted first aid care/early intervention (EI), often resolve concerns without additional medical care. Triage telephone contact with a registered nurse removes care decision making from supervisors, reassures employees, and initiates this timely care of ice and OTC anti-inflammatories, which are reasonable MSD first aid care. Other cases may need face-to-face assessment within 24 hours for hands on evaluation, adding use of elastic tape, massage, and stretching. We will highlight the successful scaled onsite EI service for American Packaging Corporation and how closely working with site safety managers contained progression of concerns. Progression to add telephonic nurse triage and at clinic EI further benefited this leading multi-site flexible packaging converter control MSD claims in a cost-effective way.

Presented by:
Jim Withers
Corporate EHS Director
American Packaging Corporation

Curt DeWeese
Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions

On-Site Early Intervention Programs 2.0 - Transforming a Reactive Culture to one of Proactive Education at Tennant Company

Onsite Early Intervention 2.0 focuses on our move to proactive education from the top down in an organization. The main focus being to equip leadership at the supervisor level with tools and education to be proactive versus reactive. This includes training on such things as: hazard identification, accident investigation, understanding and identifying what a high-risk employee is and what high-risk activities are, as well as when to engage with on-Site injury prevention specialists and use their expertise, and much more. We have a comprehensive playbook that gives our leaders a way to problem solve with a goal of acting before the problem actually comes to fruition. The plan is process driven, but is behavior focused. We focus on the employee and what they’re doing, but then the leader has strategic planning that surrounds a single point lesson which allows discussion, understand employee perspective, and get away from reacting to things that have already happened.

Presented by:
Casey Philipp
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Tennant Company

Tiffany Vreeman, PT, MPT, C.W.C.
Physical Therapist & Executive Vice President
On-Site Solutions Physical Therapy

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.


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