The Healthy Workspace Nudge - How Engaging Workplaces Lead to a High-Performing Workforce

The path to wellness, although based on good intentions, has not delivered desired results. Chronic disease continues to escalate, and the associated health costs are not only financial.

Stress is the number one factor contributing to a work population that is physically and emotionally unhealthy. The journey of this Haworth-sponsored project lasted over two years with research from more than 100 corporate leaders and experts. The result of this work is a 2018 book "The Healthy Workplace Nudge" co-authored by Dr. Mike O'Neill.

This presentation is highly interactive and engages participants in dialogue on how to identify and apply ergonomic design "nudges" to prompt people to engage in healthier work behaviors - and move to a healthier organization - while also supporting the business bottom-line.


Dr. Mike O'Neill
Director, Global Workplace Research and Workplace Strategy
Haworth, Inc.

Presentation slides can be downloaded here.


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