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The Ergonomist’s Field Guide to Standing Workstation

August 8, 2018 | 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Duration: 60 minutes


After more than 10,000 ergonomic evaluations, presenter Craig Chasen, Ergonomics Program Manager at Oracle America, has observed that one ergonomic solution is often implemented at the expense of another. Nowhere is this more apparent than when implementing standing workstations. The floodgates have opened; people are clamoring to stand up at their computers — and it's your job to make standing desks work.

Have you disappointed your accountant client by saying she can’t put 3 monitors on her tabletop converter? Did you turn away a job because the desks were all fixed at 30 inches while 70% of the employees were under five feet four inches? Do you cringe when someone asks to bring in their standing desk knowing it will be a pain in the neck for both of you?

Whether you consider yourself a jaded professional or fledgling ergonomist-in-training, if you have ever thrown your hands up in despair when faced with a standing desk that defied neutral posture, this webinar has something to offer you. With decades of experience under his belt, and a sense of humor which belies his terse claim that “ergonomics is not funny,” Craig will show you how to approach the problems inherent with many standing desk designs with a sense of humor and a goal to optimize comfort and performance.

Webinar Takeaways

  • Assess relative merits of standing desks by their features and functions

  • Identify ergonomic limitations of standing desks

  • Apply methods to optimize standing desk use in a variety of situations

Attend and earn a Certificate of Completion you can use to apply for CEUs with BCSP directly or CoC points with BCPE directly.

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Tony Silva

Craig Chasen,
Ergonomics Program Manager at Oracle America

Craig Chasen of Oracle America is a uniquely qualified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist whose expertise results from over 10,000 individual consultations conducted with wit and humor. His book, Safety Manager’s Guide to Office Ergonomics, includes a method of “Remote Ergonomic Evaluation” which he developed to perform successful off-site computer workstation evaluations.

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