CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Deadline: February 28, 2014

The National Ergonomics Conference and ErgoExpo seeks to provide relevant, applicable information and skills to help ergonomics and safety professionals improve productivity, product quality and profitability while reducing workplace-related injuries. Now in its 20th year, the conference has grown to become the largest, most important gathering of ergonomics professionals in the United States. Attendees include professionals interested in building a safer and more productive workplace such as:
  • Corporate Executives & Officers
  • Corporate Consultants
  • Ergonomists
  • Safety Managers/Engineers
  • Ergonomics & Safety Team Members
  • Facilities Designers & Managers
  • RTW & Workers’ Comp Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Industrial Engineers/Hygienists
  • Insurance & Risk Professionals
  • Logistics & Distribution Specialists
  • Occupational Health Professionals
  • Patient Care Professionals
  • Physical & Occupational Therapists
  • Product Designers
  • Product Managers
We are looking for presentation proposals to speak at the 20th National Ergonomics Conference and ErgoExpo. Proposed topics should be of an educational nature. New research, case studies with proven results, advanced level and innovative subject matter is encouraged. All sessions must include specific strategies for attendees.

The promotion or endorsement of particular products, services or companies is strictly prohibited. Vendor proposals are not eligible for presentation. Presentations from vendor clients are eligible.

Types of sessions and requirements:
Session Tracks
Program Management ROI, budget management, gaining management/employee buy-in, multiple site and global programs, metrics and benchmarking, communications and team-building
Office Ergonomics Office and call center design, workstation set up, furniture and computer peripheral design, telecommuting/mobile workforce needs, accommodating a diverse workforce
Industrial Ergonomics & Material Handling Ergonomics and safety for manufacturing, assembly, and logistics including: identifying and mitigating risk, hand tool use, material handling equipment evaluation and training, Six Sigma and Lean, standing work, occupational vibration, workstation design, processes and systems
Healthcare & Lab Ergonomics Technology in healthcare environments, patient-centric and caregiver-centric design, safe patient handling, medical error reduction, pharmaceutical and lab ergonomics, slip and fall prevention
Special topics The aging and multigenerational workforce, reducing workers’ comp costs, OSHA and other compliance issues, workplace wellness and obesity, 24/7 operations and shift work, green ergonomics and LEED
Session Types
Full-day Workshop (7 hours)
Half-day Workshop (3.5 hours)
Breakout Session (60 or 90 minutes including 10-15 minutes of Q&A time with audience)
Presentation materials: Chosen speakers must agree to present visuals in a compelling way with clear takeaways and action items. Presentations may not include copyrighted images or information. Additional presentation guidelines and submission deadlines will be provided upon acceptance of proposal.
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Conference presentation experience, unique point of view that this individual brings.

SECOND PRESENTER (if applicable):
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Conference presentation experience, unique point of view that this individual brings:

ADDITIONAL PRESENTER (for panel presentations):
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Biographies/resumes of each presenter:

Presentation Title:


If this proposal is accepted by The National Ergonomics Conference and ErgoExpo, each presenter must guarantee that he/she is the sole proprietor of this material, that it has not been presented before, and that no proprietary rights or copyrights belonging to any other person exist. Presenters further agree to deliver the proposed session materials and handouts using the official conference PowerPoint template, which are subject to review and approval by conference officials, at least 45 days before the conference.

I have read and agree with these terms.

Presentation/Topic Description (up to 250 words):

What makes this presentation and the speakers unique and stand out from the rest?
(up to 250 words):

Learning Objectives: List at least three learning objectives – specific knowledge or information
that attendees will take away from your presentation.

Presentation Length (Choose one):
Full-day Workshop
Half-day Workshop
90 min. Breakout Session
60 min. Breakout Session

Target Audience (if your session is targeted for a particular industry or area of responsibility):

Content Level (Choose one):
Basic: For someone with 0-5 years’ experience applying ergonomics principles and/or
        implementing solutions
Intermediate: For someone with 5+ years’ experience with risk assessment, solution
        implementation and/or program management
Advanced: For seasoned ergonomics professionals. Offers cutting-edge approaches, may
        synthesize a wide range of basic and intermediate knowledge and skills, and/or may address
        technical complexities.

Note: Presenters will receive a complimentary Premium Conference Pass and will have access to specially-priced rooms at Caesars Palace.  

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If you have any questions/problems submitting this form, please contact:
Walter Charnizon, Managing Director 202-370-5005 x13